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Tangible Reality
Substance of a Lucent Dream...
Quick post... 
... There will be a larger one later involving adult things, like my ability to feign domestication, refinishing linoleum floors, IKEA shopping, de-accessioning stuffage, mortgage brokers... yeah. Life.

Meanwhile, is anyone on my f-list looking for or know anyone in need of a pair of Son of Sandlar boots in Ladies size 9? I have a gently used (ie: excellent condition with a few small scrapes at the toes and minimal wear on the tread) pair of the peasant boots that need to find a new home. If you know what I'm talking about, I want $150 + shipping OBO for them. (retail is $240) They've been mink-oiled and the leather is soft and supple. If there's any interest, let me know. I'll be taking pictures tomorrow night.
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