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Tangible Reality
Substance of a Lucent Dream...
So, last Wednesday I left for that conference in LA, and despite… 
So, last Wednesday I left for that conference in LA, and despite dreading the conference part, I actually had a good time, reacquainted myself with old friends, and learned stuff, which, after socializing, is pretty much the point of these conferences. Oh, excuse me, I suppose I should call the socialization thing "networking." Whatever.

Anyway, on Friday, batchix and her husband came and rescued me. I had an absolutely amazing time. (and am eternally grateful to them for letting me crash on the most comfortable couch ever for the next three nights!) Saturday was the fashion district, full of fabric and the find of the weekend, which was a large piece of red leather. I'd really just about given up on actual leather and was going to go get some maroonish pleather stuff we'd seen earlier in the day, but when I found the leather and saw the price tag, I knew I had to have it. I see MJ's Thriller costume somewhere in my dolls' future. I'm not sure they're pleased about that, but they don't really get much of a choice. I still need to get a teflon foot for my machine and better needles, but that's no big deal to finding the perfect material. Anyway, after that bit of fun we headed over to Little Tokyo for cute toys, edamame, and desserts. Sunday we met doll_paparazzi, harlowkitty, and Wolfe over at Volks. (Of course I caved and bought a really cute DD party dress that fits Alyce perfectly and looks like a ballet costume as well as little white slippers with pink flowers and pearls. I have a weakness for white dresses and cute shoes, apparently. LOL!) We had lunch afterwards, and I missed saying goodbye to Christy because I apparently have very bad timing, but I'm really glad I got to meet her. That evening was spent geeking out over doll!things at Mercy's...

... and all of a sudden it was Monday and after shabu shabu, it was time to head out to the airport and go home.

I think Rogue had a good time too.^^
Especially once she got to meet doll_paparazzi's Christian and play in his "house."

I just adore the Machina. sdink painted the pink one and the blue one of course is Thundercracker. ♥ I have no comment regarding the teddybear... :/

Self portrait in a bathroom?

05.28.09 (UTC)
SO FULL OF LOVE <33333333333333 I miss Bats <3

Hopefully I'll catch up with you one of these days (on one end of the country. XD; Since I doubt there will be dolly reasons to travel to KS). <3

05.28.09 (UTC)
05.28.09 (UTC)
Yes please!? I... I have space to host people. ♥

I've never been to Kansas.
05.28.09 (UTC)

You're welcome anytime! Though... preferably post July? XD; We're out of town most of June and July for weddings (ALL OVER THE PLACE). XD;
05.28.09 (UTC)
Same, same! If you want to come sometime after July, you're welcome to. (the hubby, of course)

I suddenly want to host girly dolly slumber parties!
05.28.09 (UTC)
I'm not sure how much vacation time I'll have :3 But I'm defintely putting it on the "NEED TO VISIT!" List! *GLEE*
*Wonders if she can get a job interview out that way...*

OH GOD! THEY'RE SO SO SO FUN! I haven't had one since Bats was here. <3 We used to go/have them quite often (usually Bats, Mela, and I) XD;;; Which is how we always ended up with REALLY ODD photostories!
05.28.09 (UTC)
we were more than happy to host you. XD You're a wonderful guest :3

i'm excited for gogadoll~~~ :D :D :D
05.28.09 (UTC)

So am I! It was so sad, but I was actually kind of angry to be home when I got there. Though I did miss the kittles. :3
05.28.09 (UTC)
How fun :D

Doesn't Mercy and Wolfe have the best props around! One day I am going to steal that motorcycle they have. hehe!

can't wait to meet you at gogadoll. I am sure we'll all have a blast.
05.28.09 (UTC)
I saw TWO motorcycles... if only my suitcase had been bigger. ;)

I can't wait to meet you too! Social dolly funtimes! LOL!!

(LJ completely lost the reply the first time and now it's reappeared. SO VERY ODD!)

Edited at 2009-05-28 09:15 pm (UTC)
05.28.09 (UTC)
Rouge seemed mighty interested in skelly. Like there there, I don't think I have a soul either... I like that she found a little cameo broach.
05.28.09 (UTC)
Bats gave the cameo brooch to Rogue. I love its pinkness.
05.28.09 (UTC)
it sounds like you have a lovely time.

mj thriller outfit? for some odd reason i really want to see that. too funny.
05.28.09 (UTC)
I'm still in happy Michael Jackson land. It's not always a good place to be, but I really want to take pictures of my dolls as zombies doing the Thriller dance...

:is such a dork:
05.28.09 (UTC)
It sounds like you had such a fabulous time in LA! (And I have heard rumors of batchix's insanley comfy couch! XD HOW HAVE I HEARD SEARCH THINGS?)

Awww! You saw Mercy and Christy! ;___; I miss Christy. I miss Mercy, even though I've never met her. haha... AND I MISS YOU!

Such cute pictures! X3 I see an Autobot boy, some flippy-haired Christian, and some precious Rogue-kitty. ;D LOOK AT ALL THE PRECIOUS MACHINAS. <3 (I think I have that bear. XD Or had it. Was that one I gave to you? XDDD)

I miss you, babe! We need a dolly weekend! After you breathe and relax, of course.
05.28.09 (UTC)
mmm... the infamous couch!

That was your bear - at least it came from you. LOL! :3 Rogue loves it more than Laira. I think.

You were asked after, lovingly and love sent. ♥ I miss you, btw, and need to figure out when/how we can catch up.

05.28.09 (UTC)
LOL, love the shot of you at the end, but that bear thing cracked me up LOL

Glad you had a good time, I wish I could come out and play again!
05.28.09 (UTC)
Dirty old bear! ;)

05.28.09 (UTC)
Yay stuff, and people! (Although I'm sort of surprised Christian didn't fix Rogue's voicebox for her...) Is that skeleton about to give birth to a teddy bear??

Also, re: sewing leather, you probably know this already, but you want to get real leather needles with the triangular points that shear through the material rather than just puncturing (and then, er, make sure you don't forget and try to sew fabric with them...) Looking forward to seeing the results of your efforts. :)

And on a totally different note... do you have a recommended place to get B-72 from? I keep finding reasons I need a little of it.
05.28.09 (UTC)
Yep - I've already had discussions about machine feets and needles. :)

I wonder if Christian would really know how to fix a Rogue? (I bet she bips and blips in morse code when she wants to.)

B-72... Talas Online perhaps?
05.28.09 (UTC)
Oh, that is a very dangerous website! Now I want to order expensive bookbinding supplies and parchment scraps, too...

I guess it would be the future Christian who would know that, not the present one?

*wants dolly slumber parties*
05.28.09 (UTC)
You look awfully stealthy with that camera there. Photo ninja?

Glad you had a good time! :) Love the Machina pics. X3
05.28.09 (UTC)
I are ninja! I've had dreams about being a ninja. I have a magic motorcycle helmet that makes gives me super ninja powers.
05.29.09 (UTC)
..... glad you had a good time !! :)

and, ohmygod: do we ALLLLL have that skeleton ?? :).
05.29.09 (UTC)
bip bip bip <3

I'm SORRY we left OK? <3
05.29.09 (UTC)
bipbip? ♥

No. Seriously. I was the loser for waiting until the last minute to go use the bathroom.
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