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Tangible Reality
Substance of a Lucent Dream...
To Reconcile 

Something had to give.
11.25.08 (UTC)
11.25.08 (UTC)
11.25.08 (UTC)
Hmmmm . . . that's tough. I know how that one goes!!

PS - I'm liking Martel as a blonde!! :D
11.25.08 (UTC)

Blonde goes well with his Miami Vice suit. :3
11.25.08 (UTC)
o.O Since when did Martel go all Blondie?? Wow, I really missed allot. LOL

He looks cute though in that shade. Not like his usual self in black, but pretty damn flirty none-the-less ^__~
11.25.08 (UTC)
Some time last week. I *think* he lost a bet. But I'm not sure, and I love the way it looks so *fake.*
11.25.08 (UTC)
I look at the blonde and think he's just super-dark tanned, actually. (which is a different sort of unnatural) Very eurotrash, maybe? It's in the shape of his face...

aw, angsty dolls.
11.26.08 (UTC)
But you know it's colored because he has those awful furry black eyebrows.

11.28.08 (UTC)
I loves his eyebrows!

Also, *snifffffffffffff!*

-- A <3
(Deleted comment)
11.25.08 (UTC)
Haha! Do it! You know you want to. ^__^

11.25.08 (UTC)
D: D: D: D: What did I miss? *flails*

That's okay, I know that Aston will be there to pick up the pieces. (At least he'd better bet. *shakes fist at him*)
11.25.08 (UTC)
Did you miss the last one??

Oh Aston... Hrm...
11.25.08 (UTC)
I really like Martel as a blond...

Are you expecting a tiny? ;)
11.25.08 (UTC)
Not yet. But at least I have some time to think about it - and for Volks to make me a sunlight Yo. :)
11.26.08 (UTC)
Ahh, dramadramadrama. XD

...and bleach-blond Martel looks pretty awesome, ackshully. =3 It's definitely not his natural colour, though...he kinda has the 80s Madonna thing going on there with the dark brows and bottle-blond. XDDD
11.26.08 (UTC)

I originally wanted his natural color to be a very, very dark chocolate brown. But I like the floofy black wigs and such a color only seems to exist as Leeke natural black.

I don't think he likes being blonde. He's wearing the shades and glooming like, "Martel? Who's that? Go away now. I'm not talking to you."
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