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The main reason this journal is locked is so I can keep track of who is looking at it, therefore I will almost always add people if you come to say hello. If I don't add you, there's probably a good reason - whatever it may be. Just please, please say something, ya know, tell me how you found me or what we have in common. I promise I don't bite... hard.

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In DALLAS. With ashbet! Having a fantastical time but being sick. All three of us have a nasssty cold! Plague and Pestilence. So we've been enjoying each other's company and eaten good food and kitbashed some Monster High dolls. Well, sort of. I'd never repainted a vinyl doll at this scale before so it was interesting. We went to Walmart, got a doll, then headed over to Michael's, where we found an appropriate brush and some cheapy pastels (cause, hey, it's just a 10$ doll). This is what I made:

I think I had more fun doing the hair than I did giving her a face. Her eyes are a little too far apart, and I had no idea what the heck I was doing, but I'm happy with her for now. :)

Oh yeah... Also. A month or so ago I got a new-to-me Doll, so I brought her with me. She still has the default face-up and yes, she IS wearing goggles on her head. I think perhaps she wants to be a sky pirate?


Quick post...

... There will be a larger one later involving adult things, like my ability to feign domestication, refinishing linoleum floors, IKEA shopping, de-accessioning stuffage, mortgage brokers... yeah. Life.

Meanwhile, is anyone on my f-list looking for or know anyone in need of a pair of Son of Sandlar boots in Ladies size 9? I have a gently used (ie: excellent condition with a few small scrapes at the toes and minimal wear on the tread) pair of the peasant boots that need to find a new home. If you know what I'm talking about, I want $150 + shipping OBO for them. (retail is $240) They've been mink-oiled and the leather is soft and supple. If there's any interest, let me know. I'll be taking pictures tomorrow night.
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Consciousness and Moral Reasoning

...or Vignette Time!

Okay so this is kind of silly, but we're seriously stuck in the house due to Snowpocalypse II! Someone came by and plowed the road... only to leave a huuuuge pile of packed snow stuff at the end of our drive, and I don't mean the driveway, I mean the little pipestem that we live off of that connects to the road! *cries*

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By the Seaside...

A Displaced Tea Party.

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It was sadly very cold, windy, and very, very grey. I didn't get to do much with them before my hands refused to work and it was clearly time to return to someplace warm. Like the car. We actually had to drive to the beach (which is two blocks away) because of flooding.

By the way, I would really like that Dollheart Alice Fantasy outfit. If anyone's selling it, well, I want it.

Order of Operations

Basically I had the guts to do what I wanted to that day Martel face-planted on the deck and crushed the nose of the mask, since repaired with glue and paint. One of those occurrances that makes me wish I didn't have a favorite, but I can't help it, and if I could, I would have picked a different doll.

What kind of dreams does a doll that knows it's a doll have? Does it have dreams at all, and when it lies awake wondering if it has a soul, does it also wonder if soulless things can dream?

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