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Tangible Reality
Substance of a Lucent Dream...
Welcome Friends! 

The main reason this journal is locked is so I can keep track of who is looking at it, therefore I will almost always add people if you come to say hello. If I don't add you, there's probably a good reason - whatever it may be. Just please, please say something, ya know, tell me how you found me or what we have in common. I promise I don't bite... hard.
10.08.06 (UTC)
Hi hi, it's Lainey, from Stacy's yesterday! Will you add me? :)
10.09.06 (UTC)
11.30.06 (UTC)
Mike from Valor, feel like adding me?
12.01.06 (UTC)
done deal

02.20.07 (UTC)
Cormac here.

Connor wanted me to introduce you to Stegosaurusblog. Stegosaurus will post shortly.

You may add me if you wish, with the caveat that I don't post often but comment all the time. I only keep people on this that I know in real life.

I am guessing that there are lots of people on this that I know but I don't know their screen names.

02.20.07 (UTC)
haha! Stegosaurus sounds very interesting.

I'll add you. Those of us who believe the earth is flat should band together.

(Though I still can't fathom that people ACTUALLY do believe it's flat and/or stationary.)
03.05.07 (UTC)
Forgot to ask, Please add me back ;)
03.05.07 (UTC)
haha! Yes - sorry. I think I added you and forgot to say so. ^_^
03.12.07 (UTC)
Hey, it's Kerri (and Hadrian ^_^ ) from the meet the other day. Mind if I add you?
03.12.07 (UTC)
nope, not at all. :)
(Deleted comment)
03.18.07 (UTC)
Absolutely - I'm friending you back!
03.25.07 (UTC)
Your dolls are gorgeous! I'd be really interested in reading your journal and seeing more of your dolls =) May I be added?
03.25.07 (UTC)
Sure thing!
05.25.07 (UTC)
I added you as a friend ^__^ May you add me beack svp?
05.28.07 (UTC)
I did. Is it not coming up on your list?

Also just double checked my list to be sure and it says I've added you. :/
06.04.07 (UTC)
I love your moon, add me? XD
06.04.07 (UTC)
Certainly :)
07.01.07 (UTC)
*Puppy eyes* Ello, it's Kaida (Manuela) that is enslaved by Derek, Daemon and Bones, Can I add you and you add me *More puppy eyes*
07.01.07 (UTC)
Certainly. ^_^
08.07.07 (UTC)
Adding you (hope you don't mind!)
08.07.07 (UTC)
not at all :)
08.07.07 (UTC)
Hello there! I've been seeing you around and thought we could be friends! I'm friends with Ashbet, Fairemma... many many others. I would love to see your doll posts. My friends call me Mercy. Would you like to be friends? :) If not let me know and that's fine too.
08.07.07 (UTC)
Absolutely and welcome! I see in your bio that you're in the SCA? I used to do that too - mostly rapier, dance, and archery. ^_^
08.18.07 (UTC)
I saw a photo of one of your lovely dolls on Ashbet's blog. Do you mind if I friend you?
08.19.07 (UTC)
I don't mind at all. Welcome! ^_^
08.21.07 (UTC)
Hi Hi
Im Aya Dear :D
i happened to stumble upon you LJ, ;A; and i have to say your bjds are gorgeous, i'm so in love with BW Chiwoo-SS Mod
i added you hope thats okay
:"D add me back?

Aya Dear
08.21.07 (UTC)
Hi! Thank you and of course I'll add you back.

08.30.07 (UTC)
hiya:), kyliebee from Doa here, i'd really like to see more of your dollies:) you ss lishe is my fav ss lishe of all time^^
08.30.07 (UTC)
Oh thank you! (And Maya says thank you, too.)

Of course I'll add you.
09.11.07 (UTC)
I've been meaning to add you for the longest time - I keep seeing you around on my friends' journals and thinking 'she seems really awesome, I should add her!' and just...am terrible about actually adding people on my LJ. ^^

But, I've rectified that now! Hope you don't mind...? :)
09.11.07 (UTC)
I don't mind at all. I should have added you a long time ago too, so. I guess we're even?
10.07.07 (UTC)
Hi I was just over at thesaraghina's journal and saw a comment about responding in a dollish personality, and I thought oh wow, yes someone after my own heart. This is my doll's journal and about half the time my Keahi *volks arashi* takes the keyboard.

mind if we friend?
10.07.07 (UTC)
I don't mind at all, welcome! ^^
10.25.07 (UTC)
i might just add you right now, m'kay...
10.25.07 (UTC)
Be my guest. :)

Added you back.
12.24.07 (UTC)
Hiya hun, I see you like BJDs too! So cool, Anyways, I'm gonna be adding you now, so add me too if you like! =)
12.24.07 (UTC)
Of course I'll add you back. Nice to meet you!
12.27.07 (UTC)
I've been meaning to PM you since we met in October - but I am lousy with correspondence! If you could add me, that would be great... I'd love to keep up with you a little better. :)
12.28.07 (UTC)
Absolutely. I didn't realize you had an LJ. ^_^
01.14.08 (UTC)
Hi!! I've come across your LJ by way of Zagzagael and enjoy your comments there. I'd like to add you at my LJ and have you friend me back as well. I shall await your reply!! ^________^

I tend to do alot of photos of my dolls!!
01.14.08 (UTC)
I know I recognize your username.

GOo ahead and add. I'll friend you, too. :)
02.14.08 (UTC)
May I stalk you now, please? :3
02.14.08 (UTC)
Yes. I thought that was you I saw earlier in one of thesaraghina's entries. XD
05.04.08 (UTC) - djinn, Gin, Simona
That covers all of my aka's

Many mutual friends, SCA, VA Tech in 95...

And the vague feeling that I should know exactly who you are, but have lost my memory that links directly to you. :-p Memory in my brain, not LJ.

Will you friend me?
05.04.08 (UTC) - Re: djinn, Gin, Simona
I'm sure we've met... I remember your name. ^_^

05.11.08 (UTC)
Add me please? I don't know why I never added you before XD. I basically know you through Onnawufei mentioning you every now and then :)
05.11.08 (UTC)

I recognize your icon... mmm.... Battle Royale!
05.14.08 (UTC)
*waves little flag* Add please? Pretty much same reasoning as poeticlove7 >__>

Onnas good at pointing people in the directions of others....
05.14.08 (UTC)
Sure thing!

Onna is definitely good at that. ^__^
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