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Vignette Time! 
Just the boys.

I was really having a hard time with color balance where Martel is in front of the wooden cabinet. I'll have to revisit that, I think.

After all that... This song reminds me of my mom - this one specifically, not Lauryn Hill or Roberta Flack. (and while I'm still on dolls, I'll bet Martel listens to and sings along with this type of music when there's no one else around.)

(Deleted comment)
07.08.09 (UTC)
I get the impression that Aston sometimes feels Martel needs a keeper and that no one else is up to the task. He also tends to be more expressive than I give him credit for. hrm...
07.08.09 (UTC)
Aston looks like he's glancing at Martel's hair while Martel leans on him. Much like "Get your greasy hair off my jacket."

With Martel's moves and his global experience, I could see him teaching flamenco to Alyce. With Rogue and her teddy mirroring them. Wow... Making my own mental photo stories of your dolls. hehe
07.08.09 (UTC)
I've tried and failed at dolls dancing. I could try again, but two times fail doesn't encourage me to try again. :/

(and I wonder how the argument would go that starts with "Get your nasty over-processed hair off my jacket! You'll stain it with greasy hair product!!")
07.09.09 (UTC)
Probably with: "If you give me a cigarette..." XD
07.08.09 (UTC)
...powdered sugar and a bag of oregano...I see. XD

I'd just like to say that's damned awesome lot of inscale everything you have going on there. =O So much realistic clutter....
07.08.09 (UTC)
Long time no see!!

At some point there needs to be a discussion of what Martel means by "powdered sugar" and "oregano." XD

And uh, yes, There's a lot of clutter in their little doll-space. I think it's approx. 3 x 2 x 2.5ft, so it's not really that huge, but does take up an entire desktop of space.
07.08.09 (UTC)
*laughs* I would've thought Martel was a White Rabbit sort of man. ;) But Killing Me Softly works well, too.

Poor man. Poor Alyce! *knocks Martel and Aston's heads together* Bad boys.
07.08.09 (UTC)
White Rabbit too. There would be a dramatic performance to go along with that one, methinks.

They're actually good boys. Really. You gotta believe me on that! ;) Good boys who make terrible decisions sometimes.
07.08.09 (UTC)

I LOVE this!!! I especially adore the "pretty please" picture. It's all really funny and yet kinda sad ;_; all at the same time. Poor Alyce!
07.08.09 (UTC)
It is rather sad. Pathetic even. But it needed to be done. This way I can go back to getting Martel a proper job... or something like that. XD
07.08.09 (UTC)

Okay, so I'm reasonably sure you meant Colombia, the country, not Columbia, the uber-overplanned Maryland suburb. But I love the idea of Martel saying the *latter*, and Aston inferring that he meant the former.


Love the gestures in this one!

-- A <3
07.08.09 (UTC)
I did mean that. I always get the spelling mixed up (with Columbia, SC). I'll fix it when I get home. Though I wish the spelling were the same. That would be perfect ambiguity. ♥
07.08.09 (UTC)
Their expressions in the pictures just kill me :3 You're so good at making their faces change for each picture!
07.08.09 (UTC)
But they have so many facial expressions to choose from. I think it's really about camera angle. I consider both Aston and Martel to be rather frowny, but both of them can smirk and smile with a little coaxing.
07.08.09 (UTC)
*sighs* you never cease to amaze me with these, the writing is great but I LOVE the posing of the dolls, they look so natural, you should make a blurb book full of these, it would be like Marcel has his own comic O_O

07.08.09 (UTC)
You're too kind. :) I was a bit unsure about some of them. The posing is my favorite part. Usually I spend more time on the set-up, though and I should have done that here.

I've been thinking about making a bulrb coffee-table book of doll comics, but I really need to go back and clean up some of these first. XD
07.08.09 (UTC)
*gigglesnort* Poor Martel! XD;;;; But I love that he was really in city and not the country!!!!
07.08.09 (UTC)
I can't decide if he's playing with Aston or not.

(Martel deserves no pity... He needs to do something really good really soon.)
07.09.09 (UTC)
this made my morning when i read it the first time(had to read it again).

i have to say i really love dollshe hands. they are so expressive.
07.09.09 (UTC)
heehee! XD

I just adore Dollshe hands. Well... classic dollshe man hands. I wish they'd come in different poses.
07.09.09 (UTC)
mwahahahah -- love it.
Your dolls are some of my favorites -- they have such distinctive personalities.
Their room is wonderful.
07.09.09 (UTC)
Thanks!! I think Martel is mad at me for this one. He's glaring at me and is wearing his grumpy-face.

I'd love to make another room (or two or three...) for them, but I don't know where I'd put it.
07.09.09 (UTC)
He's a bad boy that Martel.
07.09.09 (UTC)
Well.... at least it's not intentional or malicious badness?
07.09.09 (UTC)
Always like to read the latest (mis) adventures of the dolls.

Now you've got Killing Me Softly stuck in my head .... but that's okay. It has good memories for me too. Reminds me of my early childhood, before things went to hell.

I've been more familiar with the Roberta Flack version which was all over radio at that time, but I do like this one which I have heard much less often.

01.15.10 (UTC)
While looking for pictures of the circus banners, I came across this Vignette. Its great - and interesting, because I remember early occasions when I tried to quit smoking how tough it was. This time has been very different, and I'm glad for that.

So the video has been taken down, but I was able to find the Lori Liebrman version of Killing Me Softly on last.fm. It has been years since I've heard it. The song in a certain way has been ruined for me by the karaoke version which doesn't have the wonderful guitar playing and soft voice that Lori Lieberman has. Thank you...
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