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Today was pretty rough, so have some dolls. Very silly and just a… 
Today was pretty rough, so have some dolls.

Very silly and just a little lewd, at ashbet's suggestion.

Something seems very odd about these pictures too - they remind me of old magazines where the color printing isn't always registered properly. Anyway...

06.09.09 (UTC)
ahahhaha~~ XD that's awesome!
06.09.09 (UTC)
M: How do you explain the fact that your boobies don't squish?

I keep thinking of all the conversations they could have had. *arrgh*
06.09.09 (UTC)
06.09.09 (UTC)
06.09.09 (UTC)
Hehe xD Alyce looks pretty smitten with him, but who wouldn't be? He looks awfully cute under the covers like that ;P

Hope you'll have better days to come :C Anything I can do to bring a little cheer to you? Another voodoo baby?
06.09.09 (UTC)
I think they're smitten with each other. ♥

Today was just a little rough because the school my mom worked at dedicated a garden to her that the kids made. It was really sweet, but also emotionally draining. *sigh*
06.09.09 (UTC)
:) clever!

06.09.09 (UTC)
heehee! ^^
06.09.09 (UTC)
I thought this was going to go into that Bloodhound Gang song or something...
06.09.09 (UTC)
But... I didn't want that in my head! *ouch*
06.09.09 (UTC)
MWAHAHAHAHA! <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 LOVE IT.
06.09.09 (UTC)
*keeps thinking "You and me baby and nothing but mammals...."
06.09.09 (UTC)
M: But how can a doll be a mammal? We're not REAL?!!

A: You're weird. I'M A MAMMAL!
06.09.09 (UTC)
Faux: No, we're clones.
Frankie: No, he means we're do-
Georgie: *slaps hand over Frankie's mouth* Doomed. We're all doomed.
Frankie. >:[ *with Georgie's hand over her mouth*

Love how Martel makes it philosophical!
06.09.09 (UTC)
LOL! Doomed. That's right.

M: No. DOLLS! (and I'm sure he's making angry-face at that)
06.09.09 (UTC)
Frankie: Yes! Exactly! Thank you!
Faux: Yes, we are, clones. Mere, puppets of reality. Living an-
Frankie: No, just-
Georgie: And we're all doomed because we live with Roxy.
Roxy: OI!


I have an odd family. <33333 XD; Martel and Frankie can hold up one end of the debate! ;)
06.09.09 (UTC)
M: We're made of PLASTIC and we're held together with string! We're DOLLS! :/

Kristen: It's okay, little doll. I still love you. *pat*pat*
06.09.09 (UTC)
Frankie: Martel and I are the only two sane ones here! *joins his side*
Georgie: Nah, I just like egging you two on.
Faux: *still continuing on about ethics, cloning, and being a puppet to the fabric of time and reality*

Roxy: Being dolls is what makes you fuN! :D
Frankie: Can you convince them of that?
Georgie: Not here for the debate, just amusement.
Roxy: *Stares at Faux, who has now created visual aids.* I... I don't think I can convince her, no...

I'm not sure any of my dolls aren't aware of their status. XD: Maybe Bee. He still thinks he's a transformer! ;)

06.09.09 (UTC)
hahaha! I ♥ you.

I don't think Alyce is quick enough on the uptake to realize that she's a doll, which makes me sad, but I still love her.
06.09.09 (UTC)
*giggle* I <3 you too! It's a rare person that will debate dollies via... dollies? XD;

Then again, Faux isn't aware she's a doll. She just think she's a clone. Martel, for example, in her mind is a rare clone, since there were less of him made. Frankie? There's TONS of her out there, so if anything happens, she's got organs and noses to spare.

Franks: I blame you for this.
Roxy: :3 Whatever do you mean?

She's so adorable tho! Even if she's not quick on the uptake...that's what makes them fun. The fact that you'll have one able to go "I'm WHAT?!" And the other helping them through? XD;
06.09.09 (UTC)
Faux and her cloning crack me up. Martel is of the mind that dolls are like people and each one is unique. (Martel: Even if I were to be "replaced", no replacement would have a white patch of resin behind his ear or a little scar on his belly or air bubbles in his nose! I am unique, damnit! Heck, I've seen plenty of Lishes, but only Alyce is Alyce....)

He can't reconcile his Dollshe ethnicity with his supposed Frenchness or Creoleness but tries to accept that logic doesn't always seem to apply when one is a doll.

XD ♥ ♥
06.10.09 (UTC)
Awwwwwwwwwww That's so sweet! I like that perspective. Franks is probably simialar in that regard. :3 I could never replace her. <3

Faux: But scientifically!
Roxy: SHUSH! Even you can't be replaced, you've been resculpted by volks now. You wouldn't be QUITE the same.
Faux: That's a matter of opinion.
Roxy: A differing one! *SNUGGLES FRANKIE*
Faux: It's simply a matter of-
Roxy: :P Nyaaaaaaaaaah
Frankie: *can't breathe from snuggles*

XD; It's okay, Martel. Frankie's a diabetic candy fairy. That's not exactly logical either? XD;
06.09.09 (UTC)
*laughs* That was golden XD
06.09.09 (UTC)
Thank you! XD
06.09.09 (UTC)
is this a reminder to us all that they are just dolls, really?
It's very funny none the less! you are so creative :)
06.09.09 (UTC)
Oh, I don't know. I just got it into my head one day that dolls pretending to do things that people do might someday wonder what being a doll really means, if they're even aware of being dolls. I don't think Alyce here has caught on to that yet. ;)

Thank you! ♥
06.09.09 (UTC)
*Snick* Aww them <3
06.09.09 (UTC)
Yeah, well..... well. XD
06.09.09 (UTC)
We're nothing but animals... well, some of us are cannibals, that eat other people like cantaloupes.
06.09.09 (UTC)
Cantaloupes, YAY! er... wait... MAMMALS! YAY!
06.09.09 (UTC)
absolutely hilarious.

hmm... was martel trying to be deep with the first half of this conversation?
06.09.09 (UTC)

As for Martel, I can't really speak for him. He's just a doll. ;)
06.10.09 (UTC)
wait a minute! you can't get away that easy with an answer like that;P
06.09.09 (UTC)
Heh. Very funny. You. *hugs*
06.09.09 (UTC)
But I'm worried about my camera. I want it to last a bit longer and it's being very incinsistent.... or I am, and that's probably obvious.

06.09.09 (UTC)
I want to steal THAT arm ;)

And she looks so lovely in these(not that she always doesn't but, you know)
06.09.09 (UTC)
ahaha~ thank you. I don't think the design would work all that well on a person - I didn't plan it out too well when I did it, but it works just fine in dollscale. :)

I think Alyce is meant for a boudoir.
06.09.09 (UTC)
>>>Very silly and just a little lewd, at ashbet's suggestion.

LMAO!! Um. Sweet little me? No one would believe it!

I love love LOVE where you went with this -- I was expecting something different! *giggling uncontrollably*

-- A :D
06.09.09 (UTC)
Sweet little you?! Never. ;)

I didn't quite know what to do with the "theme," but I had to come up with something. XD

06.09.09 (UTC)
Hee! What a cute scene to read first thing in the morning. :3 These two are way too beautiful together.

I hope you have an easier day today. ♥
06.09.09 (UTC)
Well, I hope it brightened your day! ♥
06.09.09 (UTC)
*crawls out of her hole*

I loved these, they gave me the giggles in a very immature way. X3 I really love when Martel thinks too much.

Oh! And while I'm here, you don't happen to have use for a giant, shiny Volks box with a hot, studly guy on it, do you?
06.09.09 (UTC)
*pat*pat* I understand holes quite well, actually...

I'm glad I gave you the immature giggles! heehee! It's all about being a doll. XD

I'm thinking that shiny box could be useful, yes. :)
06.10.09 (UTC)
nice couple.. I didn't know Martel had a sweetie.

he is such a hottie I am not surprised,.. my new fav guy!

can't wait to see the rest of your resin gang and so nice to meet
you this weekend at Matt's meet
06.10.09 (UTC)
Thank you! I'm really glad I got off my lazy butt and decided to go to the meet! It was wonderful to finally meet you in person and of course also get to see some of your beautiful resin ones. :)

(I'm also glad you posted because apparently I forgot to add you here! I really thought I had. ugh! How silly-stupid of me!)
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